Flowing Form was found by Laura Reyes in 2020 in Miami, Florida as an online store.  We work collaboratively to create handcrafted products by collaborating with master artisans in South America, which ensures craft preservation and job creation in these places. 

Designs are informed and inspired by feminist art, traditional craft, and vintage textiles. 

Laura Reyes


The process for crafting traditional woven textiles remains largely unaltered since the reign of the Maya. Guatemala’s Central and Western Highlands are home to a few artisan communities that still employ the original methods, and also teach daughters to do the same. Their textiles are woven from cotton yarns, which are first dyed using local materials. 

To archieve the desired colors, the weavers choose plants like hibiscus flowers, which gives a pink color, carrots giving orange, quilete herbs giving green, and bark from avocado trees giving beige scales. 

Once the yarns are spun and dyed, the fabric is then woven on a backstrap loom. These looms are simple, portable devices that the weavers often make themselves. They’re also the same style of looms that ancient Maya used, and are frequently seen in their art.